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Peerless Design and Unlimited Refinement

Compelling modern design blends with the spirit of ancient massage arts in the absolute incarnation of relaxation. The OHCO M.8 is unwavering in its singular purpose to make contentment, pleasure, and relaxation part of your everyday. Every movement was thoughtfully considered by a Shiatsu master. Every action is precise in its direction. Unexpected and incomparable, sit down in the M.8 to feel your senses come alive, enveloped in relaxation.


SKU: 217537123517253
$12,500.00 Regular Price
$9,999.00Sale Price

    • Easy entry doors
    • 4D Sens8™ massage
    • mechanism
    • Proprietary MaxTrack™
    • technology
    • Automatic back AutoScan
    • TheraElliptical™ Calf 
    • Kneading
    • Bluetooth audio immersion
    • Neck rollers
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