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A Mid-Century Modern Statement

The R.6 integrates perfectly into any well-appointed living space. As a massage chair, it is discreet-and yet as a room fixure it demands to be put on display. It is a technological marvel and at the same time celebrates natural finishes and simplicity of design.
Like all OHCO creations, The R.6's therapeutic benefits have been orchestrated by a shiatsu master to deliver you from the anxiety and mental stress of the day-to-day- quieting your body, clearing your mind and loosening your muscles.


SKU: 364215375135191
$10,500.00 Regular Price
$8,999.00Sale Price
    • Mid-Century Modern Design
    • 4D Sens8 massage mechanism
    • Zero Gravity Recline
    • Wall Hugging
    • Heat
    • Foot Rollers
    • Multi-Language Remote
    • L-Track
    • Air Massage
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